Authors of Different Cultures

We are two French Canadian students who had the honor to work on this assignment with the two authors if this blog. We took the opportunity to write about the differences between the Canadian and Hong Kong culture. Concerning the Cantonese language, as French speaking people, we find it very difficult to learn and to perceive the 6 different tones. We tried as much as we could to help them to find the best way to teach Cantonese through a blog. By working with two native Hong Kongers student, we realized that the language is far from being the only difference between the Canadian and Hong Kong culture. The following text will describe what are the main differences we discovered by discussing with them.

In the French language as in the English language, there are no specific tones. You can pronounce a word with every tone you want and the meaning will stay the same. Moreover, it is important for French and English speaking people to notice that there are some words in Cantonese that are not pronounced like we would read it. For example, the word seven (7), they pronounce it «tsat», but its written «cat» in the jyutping system.

Also, there are plenty of other differences between our respective countries such as the weather and landscaping. Almost everywhere in Canada, there is snow during winter and the lowest temperature will be around minus 40 in comparison to 7 Degree Celsius in Hong Kong. In Canada, most of the population’s religion is the Catholicism. Consequently, there are famous churches and beautiful cathedrals that you can visit for free.

Similarly to Hong Kong, it is very common in the summer to do barbecues and to practice outdoors sports like cycling and rollerblading. Moreover, you can tell by the architecture and the lifestyle that there is a strong influence from the British culture in Hong Kong. In the same way, Canada shares a similar culture with the United States. We are both considered as North American people. We are very exposed to American culture and that’s why we are influenced. We share common language, sports, TV programs, music, etc. Even if our most popular signer is Celine Dion, we have many diversified artists of every type of music.

Canada is a very large country, so there are different regional cultures. For example, people living in Quebec are very different from people living in Ontario or Alberta. In Quebec City, people speak mainly French and in the rest of Canada, the language the mostly spoken in English. It’s not just about the language; people from Quebec are influenced and have similarities with European culture, especially the French culture.

Canadians are often qualified as accepting, open minded, tolerant, polite and honest people. It’s part of their culture and why they accept new people. They are also interested in other cultures. People like to try different foods, different activities. They travel a lot and want to learn about new cultures and languages. Compared to Hong-Kong, Canada is definitely multi-cultural. Canadian society is composed of many different cultures, sharing their culture with each other. In the same way, Hong Kongers are often considered as open-minded, very hard-working, and close to their family and friends.

As regards the food, Hong Kongers have plenty of typical meals, like egg tart, sesame rice ball and Chinese birthday bun, but for Canadians, it is different. As a very multicultural country, we don’t have a famous special meal like they do. But at least we have maple syrup!

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