For years, Cantonese has long been thought to be a dialect of “Standard Chinese” (i.e. Mandarin) but sadly, it is not as popular as Mandarin among foreign learners. Nevertheless, from the linguistic point of view, it should be treated as an independent language with an independent status owing to their considerable differences.

You may soon discover in this blog that Cantonese is indeed a more fascinating language than Mandarin inasmuch as it possesses amusing features which could not be found in other languages. A typical example is the diverse set of sentence final particles contributing to mood, modality and other different functions.


Consequently, this brand-new blog aims at promoting Cantonese and helping people find out how interesting this language is. Moreover, learning a language does not merely mean to study how sounds are assembled together and how sentences are formed since a language can never be separated from the culture of its origin; hence, the Hong Kong culture will be included here for public interest.

From time to time, we would update short Cantonese lessons with respect to different aspects, namely, phonetics and phonology, grammar, vocabulary and funny expressions including slangs, bad words, loan words etc. What is more, we might also include photos, music and other information for you to explore Hong Kong culture!

A Hearty welcome to all of you and it is our CANTONESE world!!!


One response

11 02 2011

I am soo very glad to find this site. I’ve just begun exploring it but I see many topics of interest. Thank you for sharing this.

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