Website Revamping

4 03 2012

OMG!! Im sooo suprised to have received so many comments after having abandoned this blog for a few years! Im seriously thinking about revamping it again:) Gimme some time!! Will be a whole lot of work to do!!!!!



13 responses

13 03 2012

Please revive this blog! im a beginner in learning Cantonese, and its really helpful 🙂

20 03 2012

please revive!!! i’ve been looking for a blog like this to learn cantonese and yours is great!!! you already put up a tone chart, can you make an audio clip of you saying tone 1-6?? I always have trouble with tone 3 and 6.. it feels like they sound the same to me 😦 THANKS!!

31 07 2012

Oh my God, I found your blog yesterday and learnt these Cantonese sentences (i’m german by the way) and all my Cantonese friends were totally laughing, I need more!!! Please revive it! 🙂 Cantonese is COOL! Thank u very much!^^

18 11 2012

i would love to see more of this site! Hong kong is so beautiful, i love the view from your home in the picture, you are truely blessed! i wish to live there one day. i am so tired with america, the martial artist here is full of self and much of america….please show more! dojeh!

29 04 2013

I have a Cantonese learning website too. It mostly share some good website for Cantonese learning, I will add your website in it.

1 05 2013

i quoted your stuff in my website.

pay attributes to your good stuff. 😀

6 09 2013

Haha, Baby’s cantonese, super funny, super cute. would like to have a baby like that.

15 11 2013
ok la

suck a bag of dicks.

25 11 2013

Hi, my husband is learning cantonese from a native cantonese tutor, he has very good progress. This is the source to share with

15 10 2014
Wingman :)

Thank you for the posts, they are quite useful for my friends who want to learn canto! 🙂 Keep up the good work!

4 02 2015

Your audio clips have disappeared. ):
Any chance they can be updated? like 5 years later? XD

7 08 2016
Niki Moy

Revamp!!! Bring Cantonese back before it disappears!!! We need things like this for Cantonese to survive.

16 04 2017

I’ve started to learn Cantonese two months ago. I would love to read more of your very unique and easy-to-understand Cantonese blog! I’m sure you are busy but would it be possible to revive or restart this wonderful blog?

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