Greetings and Introduction

18 11 2008

Hong Kong people code-mix a lot. By the term “code-mixing”, it means people use more than one language within one sentence during their conversation. People often replace Cantonese words or phrases by the corresponding English ones when they talk. So, don’t be surprised if you hear people speaking English when they greet!


In fact, we seldom say “hello” or “hi” in Cantonese, we simply use the English correspondent to express the same meaning. 


You need to take a look at the Cantonese number system if you want to say how old you areXD



One response

21 01 2010

Thank you so much for posting these!! More Basic conversation (especially dealing with food) would be much appreciated! Your site is one of the best intro to cantonese sites I’ve found. I even mentioned you in a recent post of mine


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