Basic Conversations

18 11 2008

Basic Conversations 1-16

1 Q: Is it ?    
    hai6 m4 hai6  aa3
2 A: Yes.        
3 A: No.        
    m4  hai6    
4 Q: Is it correct ?        
    aam1 m4 aam1  aa3
5 A: It is correct.        
6 A: It is incorrect.        
    m4 aam1    
7 OK      
    hou2 aa3    
8 No problem        
    mou5  man6 tai4  
9 Excuse me         
    m4 goi1 ze3 ze3
10 Please        
    m4  goi1    
11 Thank you     (for a gift)
    do1 ze6    
12       (for a service)
    m4 goi1    
13 You are welcome   使   
    m4  sai2 haak3 hei3
14     使     
    m4 sai2 m4 goi1
15 Sorry      
    deoi3 m4 zyu6  
    m4 hou2 ji3 si3

Attention! There are two different words which mean “thank you” in Cantonese and they are used in totally different situations. 多謝do1ze6 is used when someone offers you a gift while 唔該m4goi1 is used when someone offers you a service or help. If you are not sure which one to use in particular circumstances, simply say “thank you” since it is also common in Cantonese conversation.

Basic Conversations 17-31


Congratulations! gung1 hei2    
Happy Birthday! saang1 jat6 faai3 lok6
Merry Christmas! sing3 daan3 faai3 lok6
Happy New Year! san1 nin4 faai3 lok6



8 responses

30 11 2008

it’s pretty cool, very interesting

30 11 2008

LOL!! I am thinking of transcribing cantonese songs too!

4 12 2008
Wayne Watterson

This looks so helpful! Thanks for the link. I am glad to learn some Cantonese, hopefully. : )

30 04 2009
Paul Huang

Are you still working on this site?

30 04 2009
Paul Huang

I like it, CED (CantoneseEveryDay).

Let us work togather at CantonesePod where can put mp3 sound to your basic sentences so they can listen and follow.


30 04 2009

We just published Basic Cantonese (1) on our site with sound and then stumbled upon your great blog.

Come and visit us and drop us a line.

30 04 2009

Oops. I didn’t know you already have your own mp3 on Thomas Tsoi’s web site.
But maybe my site can use our own player to play them directly or just from our site.

“多謝do1ze6 ” may be used when someone gives me a ride. Why? Because Cantonese is Chinese too. Many Cantonese people take the words literally without giving it a thought. Or maybe I’m a Cantonese without much thoughts… hehe.

多謝do1ze6 !

18 07 2017

helpful! m goi!

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